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Vanuatu web hosting

I wondered if there were any companies providing web hosting services in Vanuatu as they appear not to be signed up to any Copyright conventions. They may therefore be able to provide hosting for fan sites that were being hassled by large Hollywood corporations.

There are web sites hosted in the .vu domain, which I suspect are msotly genuine Vanuatu or Vanuatu related sites. See http://www.tvl.net.vu/WebSites.htm for a list of some of them. You can find free space (a bit like GeoCities or Tripod) at www.de.vu which appears to be German in origin (and probably not physically hosted in Vanuatu). You can find a scary old picture of me at one of the sites there if you use your imagination and pick out the obvious URL. I won't be linking to it, because I know Google would find it...
You are right, I believe, about the copyright issues. However, I'm not sure what view the country's government would actually take about such a thing.
From a practical point of view, the internet bandwidth infrastructure into the country is fairly limited. A while back, Usenet wasn't available in the Republic because of lack of bandwidth.
I suspect that very popular fan sites (e.g. Nicole Kidman) would probably kill the country's network, especially if they contained any video (or possibly even audio) content.
I suggest you talk to Marke Lowen, whose email address is vol at vanuatu dot net dot vee you. I wouldn't want him to be spammed. He might be able to help you. I congratulate you on your imaginative question and wish you success. Please let me know how you get on.
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