Ian (ringbark) wrote in vanuatu,

Sound Centre

Marke has just emailed as follows:

Sound Centre Burns To Ground

It's now 1.57am Sat morn Vila time and I have just got back from the
Sound Centre where I have been for the last 2 hours.

According to Ian Irving, he was alerted to the fact there was a fire
burning inside the front of the store at he guesstimates as 11.30pm.

The building was gutted with the fire also destroying Fung Kwan Chee
down to Photo Express / Madame Dinh.

Seems no one missing or burnt, more details in the morning when they
come to hand.


This follows on from the news on 27 October...

Within minutes of the Waterfront restaurant burning down this morning,
as can be expected, rumours were rife - arson or accident?

We expect to have something from our journo's later with a coverage in
this weekends Vanuatu Independent and the www.news.vu Port vila Presse

In the meantime there are a dozen or so photo's online now at
http://www.vanuatunews.com website news photo gallery

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